Group Psychotherapy


Life is relation.

We can step forward in every field of life only through adequate relationships.
Our daily relationships reflect our inner world.

Therapy within a group is really empowering for the individual, because working with other people helps to re-address feelings of isolation and frustration. Sharing our thoughts, joy, suffering and lucky moments with members of our community helps us to feel integrated and to be part of meaningful human relations.



Method Used

I use psychodramatic techniques as a working methodology.
Group sizes range between five and twelve people. Each person is encouraged to participate regularly in the sessions. Regular participation is very important for the cohesion and the trust formed within the group.

New members are expected to attend a minimum of five consecutive sessions on a weekly basis. After the five consecutive sessions, you can decide to attend the group on a weekly basis or with a different frequency.

If, for any reason, you cannot attend five consecutive sessions, please discuss it with me. If you intend to terminate your participation in the group sessions, please give notice one week in advance that you are going to terminate, both to the therapist and to the group.

This will allow for a ‘good-bye group’. Groups are usually mixed; both men and women, of all ages, religions and beliefs are welcome to participate. However, special ‘Only Women Groups’ and ‘Only Men Groups’ can be organised.



One single group session usually lasts approximately two hours, depending on the size fo the group.

One single session costs 60 euro + BTW (the cost can be lowered according to the number of participants).

It is important to respect the privacy of other people, and therefore what group members share is confidential.




General Notes:

Cancellation: patients are responsible to give 24 hours notice if they cannot attend the appointment otherwise the full amount will be charged.

Health Insurance: clients are recommended to consult with their health insurance company before their first session.  If you are an international living in The Netherlands please check with your Medical Insurance what cost can be covered.

Language: sessions will be lead in English or Italian.

Payments are to be made before or at the end of the session.


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