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Role-play is used to train physicians, medicine students, social workers, lawyers, military personnel, hostesses, nurses, teachers, psychologists, consultants, sales people and managers in their specific field of specialisation.

Role-play is widely known and used as a method (or set of techniques) that organisations rely on to train managers and their best employees. Role play techniques benefit the communication inside the organisations: people in a leadership position for instance, know very well the importance of delivery an effective speech to motivate co-workers. Moreover, role play techniques bring more awareness and clarity in developing problem solving’s skills.

Organisations invest in developing the knowledge and skills of their employees. This is a crucial formula for organizational’s success which results in more productivity and more job satisfaction.
To use role-play means to activate the body and the mind to perform a specific set of actions. Human beings learn by seeing and by doing. Therefore, role-play is an effective method to achieve high standards within your working team.

Role-play techniques improve:

  • communication skills: more awareness in personal talks, active listening, ability to communicate clearly a specific message, ability to answer efficiently, ability to convince, ability to use different voice tones for different goals and situations, observational skills, ability to detect lies, awareness in body gestures and body positions, awareness of the effects of personal distances in space.
  • personal skills: self-confidence, ability to foresee situations and people, ability in ‘improvising’ when the situation requires it, enhanced creativity to solve problems.
  • strategic skills: capacity to plan ahead, ability to network, dealing with conflict situations, ability to respond to a refusal (important for business deals), more ‘presence’ and charisma, ability to advance new proposals, ability in mediation.

Role-play can be used:

  • to boost the motivation of your managers and employees
  • to asses risks and potentialities of your organisation or of a specific deal
  • to achieve short term goals
  • to assess whether a candidate is the right one for your organisation
  • to improve working relationships
  • to improve communication in cross-cultural situations
  • to clarify tasks and roles
  • in team building
  • in decision-making
  • to improve one´s ability in problem solving
  • to assess and develop individual talents

I offer personalised training according to the client’s needs and goals. Together we will set up a personalised working agenda.


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